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Soft Landscaping

  • Green Waves believes in creating a seamless, functional, and edifying landscape aspect for their clients.

  • Green waves are always happy giving our clients professional suggestions, ideas, and recommendations. We make our clients envisage the exotic landscape Surroundings on their property/ projects. We help our clients to meet their dreams with regards to beautification works in their private properties, projects, and other organizational areas.

  • Every good landscape begins with a good plan. We help our clients by developing a professional landscape design that addresses. We response to their needs and desires for their commercial and Personal property/Projects.

  • Every design we develop starts with a dialogue. We bring our knowledge and experience to that dialogue, and gather clients’ preferences, thoughts, questions, and ideas. Together, we’ll make the design decisions that will go into the finished plan meeting every area of clients’ requirements.

  • There’s more to landscape installation than digging holes or stacking rocks. With Proper maintenance, a correctly installed landscape should last for generations or until you decide to change it. It requires expertise, experience, and great care. We can work from our own designs and client collaboration, or we can implement the designs of other landscape design consultants. We take great pride in the quality and the professionalism of our work, so we implement each landscape as if it were our own. And we stand behind the quality of every job so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s been done right.

  • We make a constant effort to hone our skills and learn new ones so we can provide our clients with a total landscape solution. We are skilled and experienced in the engineering and construction of:
    1. Excavation & Earth Works.
    2. Installation of Beautiful Landscapes for Residential & Commercial Projects Construction of Turf Farm, Sports Field, Playgrounds & Parks.
    3. Construction and Operation of Plant Nursery Importing of Big Trees, Plants and Materials.